Brunch, a word that sounds so chic and that comes from the marriage between breakfast and lunch, is an Anglo-Saxon invention that has fed the English on Sunday mornings for more than a century. He came to Spain years ago and we welcomed him with open arms. Late breakfasts miss us. And more if they come with their juice, their coffee, their fruit, their toasts, their cold cuts, etc. And, of course, their Benedict or Benedictine eggs.

These eggs are usually accompanied by a few slices of good cooked ham marked on a plate, to remove the cold from the fridge. We have risen rebels and have replaced it with smoked salmon and avocado slices. But we could also have used bacon, spinach, mushrooms, … to taste.

Although there is a widespread belief that this recipe is very complicated, the truth is that there is no difficulty. With our tricks and techniques it will be very easy for you to master Benedict eggs, the quintessential hipster brunch.

Ingredients :

For 2 persons

  • 2 Roll
  • 5 g Butter
  • 50 g Sliced ​​smoked salmon
  • Water
  • 2 Eggs
  • One Avocado
  • 30 g Hollandese sauce

How to Make Benedict Eggs with Salmon

Difficulty: easy

Total time: 20 minutes

Elaboration: 10 minutes

Cooking: 10 minutes

Hollandaise sauce can be found in some supermarkets, in the sauce section, but it is not easy to get. If you have to make it at home, this is our foolproof recipe. It is best to prepare it on the spot and keep it warm in a bain-marie.

For the homemade hollandaise sauce, we heat water in a saucepan and, on it, place a wide and deep container. We introduce 150 g of butter and melt in a water bath without touching. As it takes temperature, foam forms on the surface and a residual layer remains at the base.

We clean the butter out of the fire. We remove the foam with a spoon and separate / reserve the clean part of the butter from the residues of the base (we discard them).

We introduce two egg yolks (at room temperature), a pinch of salt, another of ground black pepper and a tablespoon of lemon juice in the glass of a hand mixer. We place the mixer arm inside it and start it up, without moving from the base.

Add the clarified and warm butter (we should have about 120 grams), letting it fall little by little and without stopping to beat. We move the mixer arm only when the sauce emulsifies, to prevent it from cutting. We keep the hollandaise sauce warm in a bowl in a bain-marie.

For the rest of the recipe, we cut the buns in half and we were left with only the base. Spread with a thin layer of butter and toast on both sides. We open an avocado in half, peel and laminate. With this we cover the base of each bun.

We cut two squares of plastic wrap and grease with a little oil. We place each one inside a bowl and put the eggs inside. Season with salt and pepper to taste. We join the corners of the plastic wrap trying to avoid air inside it. We close with twine thread and cook in abundant boiling water for three minutes.

We remove the eggs from the water and transfer them to a container with ice water to cut the cooking. Remove the eggs from the plastic wrap, place on the rolls with the salmon and napar with hollandaise sauce. Sprinkle with a little chopped fresh chives and black pepper (optional).