Ingredients :

beef or pork jumbo frankfurters 8
mayonnaise 4 tbsp
sriracha 1 tbsp
hot dog buns 8, kept warm
coriander a handful, shredded
black sesame seeds to serve
sea salt
Chinese cabbage 1kg, cut into 5cm cubes
carrot 1 medium, shredded
spring onions 6, cut into 5cm lengthsand slivered
ginger grated to make 2 tbsp
garlic crushed to make 2 tsp
fish sauce 3 tbsp
Korean ground dried hot pepper flakes 3 tbsp
mooli 100g, shredded
golden caster sugar 1tsp

Method :


To make the kimchi, dissolve 3 tbsp of sea salt in 11⁄2 litres of water. Put the cabbage into an outsized bowl, pour the salt water over it, weigh it down with an important plate and leave it for 3 hours.


Drain the cabbage, but reserve the water. Mix the cabbage with the remaining ingredients and 1 tsp salt. Pack the mixture down into a 3 litre jar (1 with a lid if possible). Pour in enough brine to only cover the mixture (it won’t be much). Put an outsized ziplock bag into the mouth of the jar with the open find yourself and pour the remaining brine into the bag. Seal the bag and leave the kimchi to ferment, with the lid open, or off, for 3 to six daysuntil it’s sour. Remove the bag, seal the jar and put it within the fridge, it’ll confine the fridge for months. (Putting the brine within the ziplock bag makes the complete bag beset the kimchi and allows it to breathe as an airlock jar would.)


To assemble the dogs, push a skewer through the centre of every , then use alittle knife to chop a spiral round the dog (you won’t go all the way through because the skewer will stop it). BBQ the dogs until they’re golden and therefore the edges are crisping up. Mix the mayo with the sriracha. • Spoon a number of the kimchi into the nice and cozy buns, sit a dog on top then use a squeezy bottle to squirt over some mayo. Sprinkle with coriander and sesame seeds to end .