Stuffed Peppers are a delicious dinner or appetizer option. This Mexican dish recipe is our go-to easy recipe because it’s SO good.. These Enchilada dish with Cheese are loaded with beef, green chiles, onions, enchilada sauce, then much cheese! You won’t believe how easy this stuffed bell pepper recipe is and the way much your entire family will like it

These Mexican dish oozing with cheese are the last word food . Bell Peppers make the right little basket for all this cheesy enchilada goodness. Low carb enchiladas? SIGN ME UP!

I’m totally aware that you simply can make dish into a healthy dinner…but that’s not what I did. I made this Mexican dish recipe instead.

I made stuffed bell peppers into an oooey gooey cheesy mess of delicious flavors! These bell peppers are full of everything that creates Mexican night a weekly favorite: spicy beef, green chiles, enchilada sauce, sauteed onions, then MUCH CHEESE!

These Enchilada dish with Cheese reheat sort of a dream and it’s loved by the whole family. And simply because they’re baked and inside a vegetable…I’m getting to pretend they’re healthy. Shhhhh! Don’t burst my bubble. CHEESY ENCHILADA EASY dish are my new obsession!

I’ve always known I loved Tex Mex Recipes like our Chicken Tacos and Best Queso Recipe…but there’s a replacement favorite in town, the simplest dish Recipe!


Another thing I love so much about this easy stuffed bell pepper recipe is how you could customize it to your family’s liking. Just so easy, so good, and so fun. They’re a show stopper whether cooking for your kids or entertaining a crowd. Yum YUM!

Here are a few ways you can customize these Mexican Stuffed Peppers to make them perfect for your family:

  • Add chicken
  • Add quinoa or rice
  • Make in other flavors like Hawaiian Stuffed Peppers
  • Make them spicy by using spicy enchilada sauce or jalapenos!

I hope you give these Enchilada Stuffed Peppers with Cheese a try TONIGHT! With only 7 ingredients, what are you waiting for?! Enjoy!

If you’re wanting to make this Mexican Stuffed Peppers Recipe for Cinco de Mayo, we have lots of other great recipe ideas for pairing! Serve with our Cheesy Mexican Rice, Homemade Tortilla Chips, Mexican Grilled Corn, and Cowboy Dip Recipe.

Be sure to stir together a thin Margarita to finish the meal and celebrate the day. It’s our favourite food holiday…no time for moderation!