It’s almost appetizer time and I’ve thought of giving you a good idea for you to succeed today, without spending more than 20 minutes in the kitchen. It is a pintxo of potatoes and mussels with aioli from its own marinade, ideal for the Picoteo del finde.

This appetizer seemed like a quick and easy idea, made with only three ingredients, one of those that nothing The more you see them you say … I have to do this one at home too. And since making it was so delicious, today I tell you how you can prepare it.


For 4 people

Canned pickled mussels

4 Small potato

4 Cherry tomato


Maldon or flake salt

How to make pintxo of potatoes and mussels with aioli from their own marinade

Difficulty: easy

Total time: 20 minutes

Cooking: 20 minutes

To make this recipe we start by preparing a simple mayonnaise with an egg and sunflower oil with the help of the mixer. If you prefer, you can use industrial mayonnaise at this time of year. To make the pickled aioli, we add the dressing from the can of pickled mussels on the mayonnaise and beat with the rods until we obtain a homogeneous orange cream that we keep in a bottle to be able to dose it better.

On the other hand, we cook the potatoes with skin in salted water, for about 18 minutes, -depending on the size- and then we cut the ends of the potatoes so that they can hold well on the plate and serve as the base of our pintxo.

On each potato we put a roasted cherry tomato -Here is the recipe to make them perfect for you- and on each roasted tomato, we place a mussel from the can, holding all the ingredients in balance with a toothpick.

It only remains to give the final touch to our potato, tomato and mussel skewer, adding a good squirt of our pickled aioli and bring it to the table. As I had a little sauce left over from roasting the cherry tomatoes, I put it on the base, mixed with a little more of the canning liquid.

With what to accompany the pintxo of potatoes and mussels with aioli of their own pickle

This appetizer recipe, the pintxo of potatoes and mussels with aioli from its own marinade, is ideal for an uncomplicated weekend snack, and you can enjoy it with a vermouth, a cold beer or a white wine that you like.