I really wanted to tell you this recipe for shrimp in oyster sauce because both its appearance and its flavor are impressive. Those who have tried this way of cooking shrimp at home are always surprised by the complexity of its intense flavors and ask us to make them every time we stay. In addition, due to the fame of aphrodisiacs that oysters have, and what we like all prawns, we could say that this recipe is good for any celebration.

Since I had the jar of oyster sauce open from when I prepared the beef tail recipe with oyster sauce the other day, I thought about what other recipes I could use. Then I remembered a way to cook the prawns that I had seen the great chef Yaquir Sato from Peru and I got to work. You will see how easy it is to prepare this recipe.


For 2 persons

12 Prawns

Oyster sauce 3 tablespoons

Extra virgin olive oil to sauté the prawns

Chives, chopped for garnish

2 tablespoons soy sauce

One Garlic clove

One Cayenne chilli optional

How to make shrimp in oyster sauce

Difficulty: easy

Total time: 15 minutes

Elaboration: 5 minutes

Cooking: 10 minutes

We prepare the prawns -you can use large prawns, prawns or any other similar shellfish- separating their heads and peeling the tails. We take the opportunity to give them a longitudinal cut and remove the intestine, that black “vein” that we do not want to eat.

In a bowl we collect the contents of the heads, pressing them between our fingers, since the coral we collect will bring a great flavor to our sauce. The tails, sauté them until they have a deep orange color and reserve them.

Chop the garlic and brown it a little in the same pan where we have sautéed the tails of the shrimp. Add three tablespoons of the oyster sauce and the coral of the heads, stirring until it integrates. Then we incorporate two tablespoons of soy sauce and half a glass of water, stirring well.

Let the sauce reduce about three minutes over high heat and reintegrate the prawn tails into the pan, letting them soak in the juices while we sauté the whole for another couple of minutes. We serve adding chopped chives on top and try to eat them very hot.

What to accompany the prawns in oyster sauce

This recipe for prawns in oyster sauce is excellent as an appetizer or as a main course. In itself it does not fill much, but since it is a dish that appreciates bread, to spread a couple of boats in the reduced sauce, with a good salad you will have a full menu. Try them, they are a delicacy full of sea flavor.